Steampunk Photoshoot

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Last May 4, we had an awesome Steampunk shoot beautifully coordinated and organized by Amie Hana. It was so nice to collaborate and work with various artist from photographers, make up artists, hair stylist, costume designers, vintage collectors and models. It was like speaking one language even though we were a diversified group. All in the name of art. It was a very good release of creative energy the whole day.All of us can’t wait to see the products of our hardships.

Abigail Michelle

Model : Abigail Michelle Makeup: Hannah Butz Hair: Joe Paciorek Designer/Stylist: Allison Anne Helliwell

Fawnam Demma

Model: Fawnam Demma Makeup: Nicholas Paul Hair: Steffan Tricoci Designer/Stylist: Q Phia & Ugo Serrano

Kateryna Savchuck


Model: Kateryna Savchuck Makeup: Hannah Butz Hair: Joe Paciorek Designer/Stylist: Q Phia & Ugo Serrano 

Lee Justin

Lee Justin Makeup: Genell Banks Designer/Stylist: Bob Archer of Elements Unleashed

Meaghan Elizabeth Meaghan3 Meaghan4

Meaghan Elizabeth Makeup and Hair: Karen Anne Souza Torres Designer/Stylist: Allison Anne Helliwell

Soy Fuentes

Soy Fuentes4

Sofy Fuentes Makeup: Nicholas Paul Hair: Michael Hopkins Designer/Stylist: Q Phia & Ugo Serrano


Enjoy viewing!