Memories are best immortalized in photographs. I believe that photos must
tell stories of our lives. It could be your first dance together, your favorite
place, your family, your wedding, your firstborn child, second or third…All expresses life, and how we experience it. It is in this perspective that I capture the most beautiful gift of
our lives.

What is my shooting style?
I believe that most of the best moments are captured in natural light. Having a bigger light source just make things look better, yet still be genuine. Because of that, I like using wide aperture or prime lenses.
This may give the photo the wanted blur or what we call “bokeh”.

It may seem weird but blurriness is something we could desire. It helps convey distance, motion or depth of field.

I believe in always finding a fresh perspective. This means you
would see me almost lying on the ground or almost touching the ceiling to find
an angle we don’t normally see. This makes the photo compelling and interesting.
I involve the things around you to tell the whole story – where and when it

If I must shoot wide, I shoot wide enough to capture the
horizon. If i shoot close, close enough to capture the intricate details of, say a bouquet.

How about flash or lighting?
Very seldom for events but more for portrait sessions or
special background lighting or separation effects.
I actually now prefer LED lights more often in poorly lit areas because it allows me
to capture moments faster like video vs. flash that limits me to its sync speed.

Nowadays I am venturing into flash photography, but I try to simulate where the natural light
would mostly come from or at least justify why there is light for that scene. Or I try to
recreate something dramatic.

How do I process my pictures?
The unseen part of photography is processing. The artist work does
not end on the click of the shutter. We have to spend time selecting the best
ones and yes, toning and correcting the image to convey our vision.
I have recently improved my photo editing skills using layers and morphing
possibilities. Switching background scenes from one to another. Cutting out an image
with hair and change the background completely are my recent improvements I do not
do before..as I leave this to the digital artist. But sometimes being pressed with time,
I have come to realize that improving my skills in this area is an asset as well.

How do I work on my subject’s poses?
I find the right angles of the person. Being on the heavy side in my younger days, I know, with just the right positioning, to make you lose 5-10 pounds without photo editing it. This is fun,trust me. I normally make sure that I get classic portrait looks and have some fun and wacky portraits as well.

How do I present my artwork?
I’m a firm believer that my clients are artists as well and would like to get involved on how to preserve their life’s memories. In that respect, I provide my high resolution images in CDs to give my client the freedom on what to do with it. I could give suggestions on where you
can have it processed. The key is having color correction which is the most
challenging part.I also provide complete packages that includes photography,
edits and layout as well as prints and/or album if you wish.

If you have further questions please feel free to get in touch through
Mobile/Text: 732-9153271
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Email: alnavphoto@gmail.com


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